In June, Prof Dr Ana Krajnc, a pioneer of Slovenian AE, honorary professor at the University of Ljubljana and President of Slovenian Third Age University was honoured for her life’s work in AE with the Order of Merit. She also received an accolade from the international professional public. On 19 September 2019, at the ceremony in Belgrade, she was inducted into the International Adult Education and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. Thus, she joined the ranks of many recipients of this recognition, the best adult educators in the world including Peter Jarvis, Malcolm Knowles, Alan Knox and others.

The International hall of fame was established in order to honour leading global experts in AE and simultaneously represents historic memory and inspiration for new generations around the world. Its official headquarters are located at the University of Oklahoma (USA). Experts who significantly contributed to the development of AE through their work are inducted into the international hall of fame. These are people who believe in the evolutionary power of learning and AE, who are themselves lifelong learners and thereby a role model and inspiration to students, adult learners as well as organisations and communities involved in this field.

The justification of the induction of Prof Dr Ana Krajnc into the company of such eminent people – the best adult educators in the world – states that she is a great expert in Slovenian and global AE who has played an important role in the development of AE in the territory of former Yugoslavia, in Slovenia, in SE Europe, and in the broader international environment. Her contribution to both the development of AE as a scientific discipline and its numerous practical applications is immeasurable. There are accounts of her achievements, her work in AE research, the building of foundations for AE at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, her efforts for equal treatment of older people in their enrolment in education and the consequent pioneering work in the establishment and work of the Slovenian Third Age University. Her contribution on the international stage is also highlighted. She is namely active in various international organisation bodies such as the UN, UNESCO and others.

Those who had the opportunity to attend the Order of Merit award ceremony and the induction of Prof Dr Ana Krajnc into the International Adult Education and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, witnessed an important emphasis in all of her acceptance speeches. She claimed that this was not just the recognition of her work but a recognition of AE as a profession and a recognition of the entire Slovenian AE community.

Dear Ana, that is so true. Both accolades serve as recognition of adult education as a profession and a recognition of the entire AE community, but they are also a great form of promotion of the importance of AE both at home and on the international stage. You have contributed to this immensely as the greatest ambassador of Slovenian AE at home and abroad throughout your work. However, first and foremost, they are a recognition of your life work in AE, your perseverance, astuteness and the fact that you were and still are today a step ahead of everyone else in your way of thinking about the role and power of AE in the society. We are happy to see that Slovenia was first to pay tribute to you for your contribution to the development of this field, which was then followed by the global adult education community, and we would also like to join them in congratulating you from the bottom of our hearts! Your work is a waypoint for us as members of the adult community in Slovenia that guides us towards responsibility to maintain and strengthen your achievements in the establishment of the role and power of AE in the community together with you in the future as well.

Dr Tanja Možina (, SIAE

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