The events of the Annual Adult Education Conference were multi-faceted

The AAEC 2021 virtual stand, at the end of the event, was a welcome contribution in itself, although closely related to the first content set – sustainable development.

Lifelong Learning Weeks 2021

Together with partners and the support of local communities, Lendava AEC opened this year’s LLW on 3 September. The rich cultural programme reflected multiculturalism, multilingualism, multigenerationality etc. – values we have defended and enforced with LLW for 26 years. Speeches by high representatives from the field of work and the host, Janez Magyar, Mayor of Lendava, distinguished the national opening of LLW 2021.

Dr Tanja Možina, recipient of the Award of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of education for 2021 – for outstanding achievements in adult education

We are proud and happy that on the day after World Teachers’ Day, our colleague Dr Tanja Možina received the Award of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of education for 2021 – for outstanding achievements in the field of ALE.

Adult education at the events of the Slovenian Presidency

ALE also gained recognition thanks to the three events mentioned above. However, it also became evident that synergies are needed based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to defying problems and strengthening new work and education ethics.



Autumn on EPALE

Autumn on EPALE

Autumn is rich in grapes, apples, pears and other juicy fruits. It is also juicy and diverse on the EPALE platform, which is richer for many exciting contributions. We invite you to read the EPALE Community Stories created as part of this year's initiative. Two...

Learning Parade 2021

Learning Parade 2021

Members of the LLW team at SIAE like to attend events, address participants and visitors at the organisers’ invitation, walk past the stands and say a word or two with representatives of the implementing organisations.

20 years of guidance in ALE

20 years of guidance in ALE

A public tender for establishing the first five ISIO centres was published in 2000 by the then MESS. Under the criteria defined in the public tender, five AECs were selected: Koper AEC, RIC Novo mesto, Maribor AEC, Murska Sobota AEC and Žalec AEC.


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