People are attracted to knowledge just like bees are to honey

We want to gather the light of knowledge the same as a bee does – the model of diligence and perseverance that gathers honey on the sunny daisy flower. Gathering honey is the same as gathering knowledge – both bring us sweetness and light.

First Intergenerational Coexistence Days in Slovenia

The first challenge was admittedly addressed in the year 2019 when ZDUS organized the first Intergenerational Coexistence Days in Slovenia, a three-day event which brought to the light issues of young and old concerning labour market, education and retirement.

Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week 2019 – Stories

Let us first say a few words about the preparatory meeting of the network and Nada Mrs. Nada called one day and told us that she had found us on the Internet, and that she came to the...

The Third Opportunity For Mutual Learning Within the Scope of the EAAL Project – This Time in Luxemburg

A three-member Slovenian team comprising Mateja Šmid, Director of Kranj AEC, Darijan Novak and the author of this article, both of whom are from the SIAE, were in Luxemburg from 3 to 5 April.

Awards for the promotion of learning and knowledge in 2018

The opening event featured a video introduction, in which individuals reply to questions on what they learned last. What have you learned recently?

We added their video portraits on our website and the YouTube ACS channel.



We Marked the Moment That Is Greater Than Us

We Marked the Moment That Is Greater Than Us

The Days of Pedagogy and Andragogy organised by the Department of Educational Sciences of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, marked the 100th anniversary of the study of pedagogy in Slovenia which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Arts.


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