For us, the Koper AEC, the annual organisation of LLW events has been of great added value, as it is essential for recognition in the broader local environment and for increasing our media exposure. Last year, after a long hiatus, we successfully carried out the Learning Parade, which received an exceptionally positive response from visitors. To build on the success of the Parade, we took on a new challenge this year: the National LLW Opening. Shortly after the New Year, our team had to roll up their sleeves, and together with the SIAE, we prepared everything necessary to gather on 10 May at the Koper Theatre to celebrate the opening of this year’s LLW.

Lifelong learning is like the growth of a mighty olive tree. Each leaf we add to our knowledge is like a new shade of green on the tree, representing our ever-growing wisdom and richness of spirit.

Lara Pirc, programme moderator

The festive National LLW Opening gave a vivid presentation of the meaning, role and process of LLW. The event was held with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Koper.

Nearly 300 guests participated, including the Minister of Education, Dr Darjo Felda, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Koper, Aleš Bržan. In addition to them, the audience was addressed by the Director of SIAE, Dr Nataša Potočnik, and the author of this contribution as the Director of Koper AEC. Dr Miha Vivoda, President of the Do Something for Nature Association, volunteer, environmentalist and nominee for the Personality of the Year 2018 and Benefactor of the Year 2023, also gave an inspiring speech.

Only through continuous education will we, as empowered and critical individuals, confidently perform in our environment and actively contribute to the growth of the community.

Aleš Bržan

Mayor of the Municipality of Koper

The programme was also co-created by the youngest participants. Children from the Livade Primary School Choir in Izola and the Theatre Group Mavrična ribica of the Koper Theatre showcased their talents through song and performance. The inclusive judo practitioners from JK Koper demonstrated that learning can move mountains. In the cultural part of the programme, Marjetka Popovski, a recipient of the 2008 LLW award, and members of the Folklore Group Oljka from Hrvatini performed.

Joy, creativity, equality, mutual acceptance and respect, as well as the awakening of curiosity, are indispensable companions of the vision of lifelong learning.

Dr Darjo Felda

Minister of Education

At the heart of the event, this year’s winners of the Awards for Learning and Knowledge Promotion to Exemplary Learners from Slovenian Istria and the surrounding area were announced.

LLW events ignite a light of awareness in people about the power and privilege of learning. In some, in the form of a spotlight; in others of a flicker.

Dr Nataša Potočnik

Director of the SIAE

  • Slobodan Simič – Sime is the author of numerous books, a photographer, a model maker, a collector with a vibrant collection of ancient items, the creator of the largest future museum of Slovenian tourism and the initiator of the idea to protect the Mediterranean way of life. He is wholeheartedly committed to preserving the cultural heritage of Piran.
  • The photography group of the Adult Education Association Morje of the Third Age University Izola has been active for 18 years. Its members, in the third age, create inspiring photographic images of diverse motifs using various techniques, which are on display all over Slovenian Istria.
  • Ainura Seisembayeva is a passionate advocate of learning who, through hard work and perseverance, overcame all linguistic and cultural barriers and carved out a new path for herself outside her native Kazakhstan in just a few years.
  • KRU.T – Circle for Cultural, Sports and Support Activities is one of the few bilingual organisations that has been actively promoting lifelong learning in the wider Trieste area for 40 years. The association is indispensable in the Slovenian community in Italy for promoting prevention and improving quality of life and adult education.
  • Alenka Grželj is a former long-time director of Koper AEC, who is also active in the ASAEC. Her contribution to the development of lifelong learning – including in cooperation with the SIAE – is invaluable. She remains a committed advocate for education even after her retirement.

We can only offer a high quality of life if we provide paths to knowledge.

Dr Tina Rožac

Director of Koper AEC

The door to the five-week-long happening including dozens of events – from educational, literary and sports events to creative and dance workshops, as well as activities to promote intergenerational cooperation across Slovenia has thus been opened. Through LLW events, all of us organisers collectively have showed and proved that learning truly is life, which strengthens and brings joy.

A video of the LLW opening event (in Slovenian) is available on the LLW website.

Dr Tina Rožac (, Koper AEC

Photo by Blaž Lenček and the SIAE

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