Prof Dr Ana Krajnc has been conferred prestigious award of the Republic of Slovenia, the Order of Merit, for her contribution to AE in Slovenia. She has launched the Study of Adult Education and participated in the establishment of the SIAE. She is co-founder of Slovenian Third Age University, drew up numerous studies, wrote professional books, and lectured at home and abroad. She always has the end goal in mind – adult knowledge for greater literacy, social inclusion, and quality of life.

She makes learning a central concern.

In her acceptance speech, the award winner spoke about the introduction of the AE profession in Slovenia. She accepted the award on behalf of all her students, colleagues, mentors, teachers, professionals in the area of AE and others, who are characterized by openness to changes, boldness and courage, and are aware that people who have a goal and structure in mind act as a community – that is how the AE society operates.

The SIAE colleagues join the congratulations. We honour her as our teacher and educator.

Adopted by: Ana Peklenik (, ACS


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