We diversified the autumn activities of the Multigenerational Centre Zasavje with many interesting and practical lectures for the soul and the immediate use in everyday life. We hosted three big men – not regarding their height, but concerning their knowledge, wisdom and courage.

The first one, Marko Juhant, very plasticly and clearly explained the development needs of children from birth until puberty to almost 120 participants (mostly parents, pedagogues, teachers). So what did we learn? That education is a complex and responsible work – but we already knew that. But we too often take responsibility instead of letting the children do that, work instead of them instead of with them – this is what we are often not aware of. He says that he has never met a stubborn child, only persistent ones. Teens must resist and continuously check what is real and what isn’t… We the parents need to be different and normal, with our own faults. We the adults must know how to deal with the young. So many simple wisdoms he delivered in one evening.

Boundless love with clear boundaries was the subject of father Karel Gržan, a very special guest, a priest, a doctor of literary studies, a writer who wrote over 50 books, and especially a Man who dedicated his life to giving: to the poor, helpless, suffering and addicts. He is a personified grace and all who were present felt it. Boundless love with clear boundaries means respect, responsibility and humility according to him. From now on, we may use three magical, but incredibly effective words and phrases more often: please, thank you and sorry. Among other things, he pointed out: “If today you take home only a finding that each one of us is weird, wonderful, miraculous in his uniqueness and that the point of our lives is in compassionate cohabitation, that it should not be taken too seriously, that it is good to laugh… we have achieved the goal of this evening.”

He shared many deep, wise and very true thoughts with over 100 visitors. A winning combination: 5 to 1 – It means that you tell a friend five good things and one bad one. Do not take life too seriously, happiness is composed of tiny joys on the path of life, happiness basically means contact with another human being. I believe that the evening left a deep mark on most of those present.

A library in Zagorje was completely full in both the events as we joined forces – Zasavje AEC and a Library of Mile Klopčič in Zagorje ob Savi, and proved that together we are stronger.

The last of the three men, Jani Prgić, we had the privilege to listen to in Trbovlje. His lecture titled A Positive Discipline fascinated a full hall of the Youth Centre. It was about the program / system in which we straighten positive relationships with great firmness and kindness. It was designed by researchers of the Positive Discipline Association. The system develops various strategies, which help us to respectfully achieve a desired action or change of action. It can be used for the construction of various relations, especially bringing up children. The strategies are derived from the strength and kindness, kindness to yourself (e.g. it is not kind to me that I always do the dishes, this is unacceptable for me). It is included in the use of certain respectful gesticulations, phrases, in which remain solid and firm (e.g. when a child is stubborn because he wants to watch cartoons). The response of adult is important: stay kind and determined, use multiple strategies – understanding, but persistence; hug and rejection of a child’s wishes at the same time…

The program is designed as a training, which helps us to understand the background, understand the problem and think outside the box.

Anja Lenart (anja.lenart@zlu.si), Multigenerational Centre Zasavje, Zasavje Adult Education Centre


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