On Prešeren Day, the Slovenian Public Libraries Association, Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, awarded the title Reader-Friendly Municipality to ten Slovenian municipalities (Celje, Brežice, Divača, Dolenjske Toplice, Domžale, Grosuplje, Jesenice, Medvode, Vrhnika, and Zreče).

The purpose of the public tender is to encourage the municipalities to more actively participate in the local community and to connect various organisations to improve reading literacy and reading culture. The libraries are central facilities in the local environment that can improve literacy in all generations.

All ten participating municipalities encourage collaboration and participation of the local community by promoting reading as a fundamental value in society.

Mateja Pečar (mateja.pecar@acs.si), SIAE



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