Successful implementation of the 18th Days of Guidance for Learning (21-23 September) is well behind us. All 35 ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres held around 180 events in various public places, where information about educational opportunities was accessible to as many adults as possible. With the events, we wanted to increase the visibility of the ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres in the local environment and to enable and provide adults with information and guidance on various possibilities for learning, education, career planning and development, validation of previously acquired knowledge and self-directed learning.
Hidden Knowledge Day

One day was devoted to promoting identification and documentation. We called it Hidden Knowledge Day. On this day, various activities and events presented the possibilities of identifying, documenting and validating previously acquired knowledge.

With much interest, the SIAE colleagues visited the activities around Slovenia. They felt the commitment of experienced counsellors and the lively local throb at the so-called knowledge stands, guidance corners, workshops, open days and consultations.

Tanja Vilič Klenovšek, MSc, visited the knowledge stands in Qlandia Novo mesto, organised by Novo mesto AEC, in cooperation with three higher vocational colleges.

I liked that the partners connected well and at the stands enthusiastically presented the diverse educational opportunities they offer adults in their environment. Furthermore, all the participants confirmed that the participation of higher vocational colleges in the Days of Guidance for Learning is a welcome added value, and that is important. In this way, adults’ awareness about the possibilities of formal, practically-oriented education at the post-secondary level is expanding. For many, adding one level of education brings new opportunities for career development.

Tanja Vilič Klenovšek, MSc

As part of the Days of Guidance for Learning, I visited two AECs: Ravne na Koroškem AEC and Cene Štupar Ljubljana AEC. Due to the development and expert work in the validation field, I decided to visit them during their events at the Hidden Knowledge Day. Through an exciting game – they fed the friendly and curious monster LURKO with hidden knowledge, the adults at Ravne na Koroškem discovered their knowledge acquired outside school. At the Cene Štupar Ljubljana AEC, I was excited by the older adults who participated in the validation of digital competence.

Vera Mlinar

I chose two knowledge stands among the many events offered during the Days of Guidance for Learning. The first, titled Mobile Guidance – The More You Know, the More You Are Worth, took place in front of a store in Slovenske Konjice. The second stand, organised by the Ormož ISIO Centre, was set up in front of the Ormož Castle’s Outhouse, where the Climate Caravan of Study Circles also took place. Both attracted visitors from different groups of adults and thus achieved the purpose of the Days, i.e. providing information on guidance options and various education and learning opportunities.

Andreja Dobrovoljc, MSc

This year I visited three Self-Directed Learning Centres. This is only the second time these are being presented at the Days of Guidance for Learning. I received a warm welcome in the centres of Slovenska Bistrica AEC, Koper AEC and CDI Univerzum, where they organised the so-called open days of Self-Directed Learning Centres. In this way, they wanted to present their operation and activities to the broadest possible public, also with the support of information stands in front of the organisations’ headquarters and with various promotional posters and signs.

Urška Pavlič

At the knowledge stand in front of the Business and Administration Centre Zalog in Ljubljana, the counsellors of the ISIO Centre of the Central Slovenia Region, which operates at Cene Štupar Ljubljana AEC, presented to individual target groups the services that the ISIO centre offers for companies. I watched with interest how they used different approaches to introduce the passers-by to the possibilities of individual guidance, workshops in organisations and employee training, all of which are free of charge.

Mateja Pečar

We are spreading the word about the ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres

The intensive promotional activity of all organisations participating in the ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres marked the Days. The latter was especially reflected on social networks (#svetujemoZAznanje22 and #svetujemozaznanje). The Days were also presented in the national media, both in printed media and on television; however, like every year, most announcements were made in the local and regional press.


Once again, the SIAE invited the ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres to its exhibition space at the 21st Festival of the Third Age. Many older people were interested in where, how and when they could learn. They received helpful advice in our guidance corner, where two ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres from Ljubljana, one from Novo Mesto and one from Kranj participated. Counsellors brought learning and education even closer to different groups of adults and motivated them to participate in various forms of informal learning and education for personal development. The visitors were most interested in health, gardening, learning foreign languages as a hobby, computing for everyday life and the like.

We want to use this opportunity to thank the ISIO Centres and Self-Directed Learning Centres for their successful contribution to disseminating information about guidance activities in their local environment and elsewhere, as well as on social networks. We are sure they helped to clarify the way to reaching a goal for many visitors with useful information and helpful advice about education. Together we create good stories about a better life.

Mateja Pečar (, SIAE

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