In addition to learning sign language, together with the blind and visually impaired, we are diligently continuing to conquer the Slovenian mountain trails. In January, we climbed Kum, and in February, Slivnica and Mrzlica – all very well known Slovenian hills.

V BiH in Črni gori

In March, we hiked from Artviže to the Škocjan Caves. We experienced a delightful surprise there, as they gave all the participants wonderful warm winter knitted hats in lovely homemade lace bags.  Our friends sang the anthem A Decisive Step – the anthem of the blind and visually impaired conquering the Slovenian mountain trail(in Slovenian). After Artviže we visited Zelenica and Klopni vrh.

V podarjenih kapah pred Škocjanskimi jamami

We also went on a three-day trip to Bosnia and Montenegro. The memory of the pyramids near the town of Visoko is lovely; there, we also met the researcher and writer Semir Osmanagić. It was also beautiful in Ostrog, Montenegro.

Zasneženi Boč

In April, we first climbed Boč, which was quite snowy. As we walked along the path, which in some parts is protected by a wire rope, I was a little worried because there you have to be careful even in ideal conditions. But we all got to the top safe and sound, where everyone also wanted to climb the tower. I did not expect that as the steel stairs were snowy and icy. But even here, there were no obstacles, and the ascent of all participants followed. I cannot help but marvel at their will and courage.

We also attended the press conference Mobility-impaired People Conquer Mountains 2022 (in Slovenian). Namely, we go on hikes with the mobility-impaired people; together, we look forward to success, and we socialise. We are taken aback by the hills, and they fill us with joy.

Samo dva tedna po zasneženem Boču na soncu in ob pogledu na cvetoče drevje

On the next trip, we drove towards Slovenske gorice, more precisely to Plač in the Municipality of Kungota, climbed Plački vrh (the path leads partly through Austria) and to Plački tower. Again, this was a unique hike, as the mobility-impaired and AMA neurodiverse people also joined us. There was a playful atmosphere at the top of the hill, also later at a gathering in Podigrac. We had a lovely time and enjoyed the sunny weather; we also got to know some places we mostly did not know before.

Kraški rob

On one Sunday, we took a long hike to cottage Pirnatova koča on the coastal Javornik and climbed to the top. We conquered Sinji vrh, and along the meadow karst edge of the lookout slope, we went to Otlica window, also called the Hole (which is actually a natural karst bridge) and to the last landmark, the Stone Snail. As always, we had a lovely time and are already looking forward to the next hikes.

The hikes are planned until the end of October. Each time we will add a new stamp to the Logbook of the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Among them are some that are pretty demanding but: ‘there are no obstacles for us anywhere’, as we sing in the anthem of our dear friends.

Marija Metlika (, volunteer

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