Precautions against COVID-19 have already forced LLW and the Learning Parade – a Day of Learning Communities into autumn twice. When that happened the first time, we had quite a hard time. Safe forms of socialising had to be found, and many partners at the local level decided not to participate due to the fear of infection. Fortunately, new organisers have established contacts with the coordinators. We used flexible approaches, learned a lot, forged partnerships with other autumn projects. Many events were carried out online, and recordings of these exciting events are still available today. Greater accessibility (conditioned by digital literacy and appropriate infrastructure) and sustainability were strong virtues of the LLW 2020 and 2021 events in Slovenia. Thanks to that, we concluded that the experience was educative and positive despite of the significant reduction in the number of organisers and events. Last year it was even better, as we could only upgrade the experience gained, highlight the benefits and look for ways to overcome the shortcomings. Being out of the comfort zone always offers opportunities for growth!

Most of the co-creators of the LLW agreed with us

Nevertheless, we wished to return to the May and June weeks, which have been hosting the Slovenian learning festival since 2004. At one of the autumn events in 2020, a representative of the local TV asked us directly: “Where have you been in the spring? At the time, we really needed the good stories that make up LLW across the country!” This year we want and intend to be part of the wave that will turn the situation into a ‘new normality’, as we know we can make a significant contribution to this! Learning – the power and joy it brings – is a powerful force that can turn things around – on a personal and community level!

At our first LLW network meeting, on 17 February, coordinators confirmed their willingness to stage the LLW in spring. We also selected joint actions and exchanged our views and plans.

  • Learning Parade – a Day of Learning Communities as the most promoted LLW joint action will be held on 25 May on at least 12 venues across Slovenia.
  • Other joint actions/themes of LLW 2022:
    • Learning is life – let it bear power and joy!the umbrella theme of LLW/LP 2022
    • Joint reading for knowledge and fun!
    • The 2022 European Year of Youth
    • Ageing society and intergenerational cooperation
    • Digital transformation of society
    • Green future – globally and locally
    • Learning and culture – hand in hand
    • Inclusion, challenges of multiculturalism and active citizenship
    • A healthy mind in a healthy body
  • Joint actions/themes of the guest networks/projects:
    • Quality Day
    • Get to know your skills – see new opportunities!


Let us also mention the main professional event of LLW at the state level – the Adult Education Colloquium. This year it will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the SIAE. Its implementation is planned for 7 June.
Logotip TVU 2022

Preparations are in full swing

The National LLW Committee approved the list at its first meeting in the new mandate. In addition, members discussed the Report on LLW 2021 (in Slovenian), the draft of the Annual Plan of LLW 2022 and the intention of Celje AEC to take over the organisation of the National opening of LLW 2022 and a letter of support from the City Municipality of Celje. LLW 2022 will therefore experience the solem opening ceremony on Friday, 6 May.

We will keep you informed about the emerging programme of the festival on the LLW website and in the SIAE Newsletter. We also invite you to visit our social networks daily: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc (, SIAE


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