On 23 March, we hosted (the then) Ministress of Education, Science and Sport Dr Simona Kustec at the SIAE. She addressed the participants in the training for professionals who carry out the Elementary School for Adults, which was taking place in the seminar room. In the hallway, she saw an exhibition of panels on SIAE activities, spoke with employees, got to know their work and visited the SIAE Library. She ended her working visit with a conversation with Directress Dr Nataša Potočnik and the heads of units. They introduced her to the SIAE activities, achievements, and challenges. The Ministress emphasised the importance of ALE and LL as well as the role SIAE in cooperation with the ALE network plays in this field.
Dear SIAE colleagues, thank you for your cooperation and invaluable work results in turbulent times of unknown but excellently managed work.
Prof Dr Simona Kustec,


Such was the note she left on the sweet surprise that awaited us in the secretariat.

Mateja Pečar (mateja.pecar@acs.si), SIAE

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