We entered this autumn with four exciting events. As part of the EAAL project, we highlighted civic, media, personal (emotional) and interpersonal, as well as financial and consumer skills for life.

Through such events at the SIAE, we celebrate the EYS. We aim to reach a wide range of people; hence, our expert-led meetings are organised remotely. We are delighted to see that this approach also engages individuals from organisations not primarily active in ALE.

Original wisdom is in the minds and hearts of people

At all four events, we granted humans and the skills they need to face everyday challenges center stage. Since we see AI as our assistant, Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc, who is responsible for the organisation and implementation of the events and is also the event facilitator, asked the chatbot about the topic at hand on each occasion. On the website of each event (in Slovenian language), an exciting extract of their conversation is available.

Lifelong learning gives us everything we need to play an active role in society

Walk with your eyes open; look out for those who are weaker, those who need help. By helping, you become an active citizen.

Vlasta Nussdorfer

The Forum on civic skills was built by experts. Some are involved in decision-making, while others make direct contact with the community – whether analogue or digital. They shared stories about what it means to be an active citizen and offered ways to participate actively. When we are active, we change the world; when we are connected, we empower ourselves.

The media holds persuasive power

Mostly, we are on both sides of the media. On the one hand, we follow those we trust, and on the other, we create our own media content.

Let the truth gain stamina to run faster and gain an advantage over falsehood.

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc.

Often, we do not distinguish between valuable and misleading information. However, we aspire to be able to do so, which is why we have invited authors and editors of credible online portals. They know the media landscape in detail and are aware of their responsibilities.

The forum was followed by an international workshop on media literacy entitled ‘Manipulation, disinformation and stereotypes’. EPALE Slovenia organised it for representatives of the Southeast European region and adult educators in the framework of the EPALE Media Literacy project.

The stamina and resilience of an individual influence the strength and agility of the community

This was one of the premises of the forum, which highlighted personal or emotional and interpersonal skills for life. This time, the speakers were individuals who spread valuable insights, which they share in smaller and larger communities – for the common good.

Managing fear, anger, and resentment is a key skill that helps us in our relationships.

Vida Žabot Coppo

Each forum was attended by around 100 people, who expressed their enthusiasm in responses and surveys. This gives us hope that, as individuals, we are ready to take responsibility for our own lives. That is what it is all about – by strengthening our skills, we become wiser.

(responsibility + mistakes) × time = wisdom

Aljoša Bagola

Happiness, please

Empowered not only with new insights but also by the confirmation that we are doing well, we designed and implemented the fourteenth EAAL Forum in November. The wisdom of our speakers was focused more on the head than the heart as we dealt with consumerism and financial literacy.

Today’s product range and impatience lead to over-indebtedness and financial stress.

Ana Vezovišek

It turned out that financial literacy is not important just on its own but is also closely linked to environmental, health, (inter)personal, and digital skills.

Recordings of all forums are published on the EAAL website (in Slovenian). We also shared the highlights on our social media channels. Follow us on FB, IG and LI.

Ana Peklenik (ana.peklenik@acs.si), SIAE

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