We were guided by the fact that we want to step into the new decade together, in a spirit of mutual knowledge, understanding and cooperation, as we believe that only through a synergy of approaches  we will achieve ambitious goals for the benefit of the individual and society. We have a similar attitude in the EAAL project, so we joined forces and resources for the event in the Lukovica Beekeeping Centre.

Peter Beltram, MSc, summarized the key recommendations of the Slovenian 2019 Annual Adult Education Conference, stating that there will be a need to think carefully about the audiences, goals and content as well as indicators of the new AEMP. Financing and managing is a constant topic of discussion.

Dr Ana Krajnc advocated flexible forms of work based on broad knowledge and culture. She advocated breadth in every way: as far as teaching content (but with emphasis on general and digital competences), included generations (with equal involvement of the elderly), and human characteristics (imagination, creativity, emotions, morals… should finally come to the fore). She reminded us that development goes forward with people and not with regulations, so the legislation should not restrict it, but support it. According to her, in the future, the individual’s main work will be learning.

Samo Hribar Milic, MSc, shared some messages from the recent Economy Summit Slovenia 2019. The marked changes in the work processes will cause the disappearance of the vast majority of the professions we know today. The digital transformation of society is inevitable, and more public funds have to be invested in knowledge, research and innovation. In this area, Slovenia is lagging behind. He presented the model of the career platform they are preparing for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and gave us his views on its advantages and potential dangers.

Tanja Skaza, a well-known entrepreneur, came from her belief that it can never be too late for change. She has tirelessly built her own path, and as a collective leader, she sees her mission as helping employees grow and expand their wings. She drew attention to the importance of excellent teachers with a high level of empathy. She believes that fragmentation in Slovenian AE prevents companies from recognizing who or what is the best option for developing their human resources in a given situation.
Irena Kuntaric Hribar is an advocate of three prisms that can help us understand the situation and development challenges: demography, modern technology and the environment. She presented to us successful projects of the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund, where the public response is not what we want it to be. Adapting jobs to the elderly will be one of their most important challenges in the future.
Jože Prah impressed us with his symphony about the forest and invited us to those forms of ‘curling’ the brain that want to offer man a quality experience of nature and new insights. This requires the inclusion of quality differentiation. These are special forms of communication processes through which we stimulate relationships, form value systems and provoke mental and emotional responses.
Mary Imperl presented us with her educational and professional career. She recalled the importance of volunteering, which plays a key role in the culture of lifelong learning and in establishing learning communities. She concluded that we are all partners in building relationships with ourselves, others and the environment.

Katja Dovžak, MSc, MESS, is leading the process of rebuilding the AEMP. At the end of the event, she summarized some of the key messages that were heard from speakers and participants. Our common goal is undoubtedly a strategic document for AE that will be sufficiently broad and inclusive, while at the same time enabling the achievement of entirely specific objectives to address weaknesses and inequalities.

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc (Zvonka.pangerc@acs.si), SIAE

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