In February, the PUM-O programme (Project Learning for Young Adults) celebrated its 18th anniversary. The programme had a great success with young adults between 15 and 26 who have not finished primary or secondary school and are looking for work.

For the PUM-O Radovljica, which operated in the scope of the Radovljica Adult Education Centre, 14 February was a very special Wednesday. The PUM-O participants, mentors and other PUM-O friends gathered at 5 PM to celebrate the programme’s coming-of-age and to attend the opening presentation of the mosaic table, which was made by the participant in honour of the celebration. They also prepared a photo projection with snapshots of the PUM-O history and put on a puppet show Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. The buffet with socialisation and chatting was followed by a surprise: a birthday cake.

The PUM-O Radovljica acts as a large, close-knit family which has seen many stories unfold throughout the years. The young adults in the programme filmed numerous videos, put on many theatre shows, a fashion show, participated in youth exchanges abroad, etc. The mentors helped many young adults from the upper Gorenjska region with problems in personal life, school and job search. Most of the participants successfully completed the programme. With courage, pure hearts and close relations between the group of mentors, the PUM-O got through many hard times caused by financing and problems with locations. To this day, the PUM-O Radovljica changed the location three times.

However, this anniversary celebration will definitely become a new piece in the mosaic of good memories. The mayor of Radovljica, Ciril Globočnik, also congratulated the participants and mentors and promised that they will soon be moved to a new location. Mojca Faganel from the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities also attended the celebration and offered some encouraging words. PUM-O Radovljica drew attention to its 18th anniversary with various events and shows.

PUM-O Slovenj Gradec organised a video production workshop between 19 and 26 February in the scope of the traveling union school by the Trade Union Mladi Plus (Youth Plus). The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize the participants with all segments of video production. The main goal was to make a short promotional video showing daily activities of the PUM-O participants.

The result was a well-rounded final product. The participants learned on practical examples how to prepare a scenario, how to record video and sound, and how to put them together in the final production phase. The video with the title PUM-O is everything you wish for presents an ordinary day of active young participants of the PUM-O programme in Slovenj Gradec. The workshop was based on learning through experience, which allowed the participants to acquire the knowledge through practical examples. They were very happy with the realised activities, since their creative thinking contributed to a very likable and playful video.

“The PUM-O participants are a group of people with many different interests, talents and world views, which is exactly what makes us so special and interesting. We have tried to show a part of each individual in the programme and somehow highlight what everybody excels at. We work together not just as project participants but as a closely-knit group that works together to ensure the best activities, and to establish and maintain good relations.” (Elvira Imamović)

Roman Herlah (, MOCIS and Maja Šuštaršič (, PUM-O Radovljica

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