In December, the Ljubljana Public Education Centre – Cene Štupar, celebrated its 60th anniversary. The event was primarily aimed at those who have been with the Centre all these years – their participants. They organised 18 different workshops to make sure that each individual found something of interest. Neither was the professional public forgotten, as two roundtables were set up, one about the elderly, their integration into society, and the acceptance of technology; and the second about migrants and their integration into the labour market.

The workshops offered a variety of content. The invited guests were accommodated in different ways, including a free manicure and make-up for the female participants. The participants’ appetite was satisfied at a culinary workshop, where they learned about 60 years of gastronomy and authentic Slovenian dishes. The workshop on knitting and Roman mosaic making also drew from tradition.

​New technologies cannot be avoided, so the visitors were able to gain new knowledge in this field as well. They learned about the use of smartphones, and the opportunities they offer. At “Karierni Plac” (Career Spot for the Youth), they heard that learning was important from a young age. Through VR glasses, they became acquainted with professions, and two elementary schools competed in a career quiz, hosted by rapper Rok Trkaj. Many language workshops were also held, where participants spoke in no fewer than six languages.

At the “Ready for Migrants!?” roundtable, they discussed immigrants’ employment capacities. In addition to the official speakers, the event was supported by participants from different countries who contributed a personal note. They found that connecting, networking, and openness were important.

A roundtable titled Challenges of the Silver Generation was also organised. It highlighted the importance of establishing optimal conditions for an ageing society to be incorporated in the Active Ageing Strategy. The attendees spoke about the importance of the participation of everyone, including the elderly, since intergenerational cooperation in society is conditional on the activity of all. They stressed the importance of networking, local community action, and outreach. The potentials of all generations must be tapped into.

Society is not a pyramid. It is the vortex in which all of us are taking part.
Prof Dr Ana Krajnc

​Adult education is an important branch of education that has been anchored in Slovenia for many years. Recently, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of education and personal growth throughout life, not just at a young age, which is why adult educators have become an important companion in the lives of just about every individual. This is also evidenced by the huge number of pensioners who return regularly, and in today’s fast-paced life want to stay in touch with the advancement of technology, the rapid changes and the accessibility of information from the Internet.

The Ljubljana Public Education Centre – Cene Štupar is the largest of 34 Slovenian adult education centres. Over 10,000 people are educated annually through its programmes, offering them the opportunity for minor and major life changes in the form of new professional and career paths, citizenship, etc. Most of those involved are vulnerable: the elderly, the unemployed, migrants, low-educated employees. For these, most of the programmes are free of charge, and are financed by the European Social Fund and the Republic of Slovenia. Read more about the Ljubljana Public Education Centre – Cene Štupar at its website.

Aleksandra Janežič Lipar (, Cene Štupar – CILJ

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